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Special Launching Offer of 3 Dozen For The Price of 2 : £xx


– Soft Urethane Cover.

– The “High Moment of Inertia” Enhances Distance in Flight & Maintains Spin.

– Enhanced Distance & Energy Restitution.


– Soft Feel And High Resilience.

– Explosive Core Elasticity Through PHSC Technology.

– High Initial Speed Core Concept.


– High Performance Elastomer.

– 312 Penetrating Dimples.

This premium 2 piece urethane cover ball was designed to offer professional player’s quality, as well as the touch and feel around the greens.  Not only can you now play with an authentic soft feel golf ball, but because of its price you can play the same ball for a whole round, even a whole season.


Compression (PGA Standard) :    81.2

Cover Material :                             Urethane

Hardness of Cover (Shore D):      53.6

COR/Coefficient of Restitution:   O.7892

Weight (G):                                     45.44


312 Mid High Ballistic.

Radial Structure & Seamless Dimples Design Minimizes Resistance During Flight.

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