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– Soft Urethane Cover.

– The “High Moment of Inertia” Enhances Distance in Flight & Maintains Spin.

– Enhanced Distance & Energy Restitution.


– Soft Feel And High Resilience.

– Explosive Core Elasticity Through PHSC Technology.

– High Initial Speed Core Concept.


– High Performance Elastomer.

– An Inner Layer That Enhances The Ball’s Performance.

– 338 Penetrating Dimples.

This three piece urethane cover Krypton ONE is our classic golf ball which has been developed with one simple goal in mind:  To please tour as well as week-end players.  It’s designed for optimum performances with a traditional look.


Compression (PGA Standard) :    81.0

Cover Material :                             Urethane

Hardness of Cover (Shore D):      46.2

COR/Coefficient of Restitution:   O.7862

Weight (G):                                     45.68


338 Mid High Ballistic.

The radial structure & seamless dimple design minimizes resistance & side spins.

Excellent in distance & straightness during flight

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