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Krypton golf is also a quality support for the image of your company and to communicate with your most loyal customers or around a wider audience. We offer the printing of your company logo or other messages on four of our products:

1- Krypton Colors: Green or Orange 3-piece soft-Ionomer
The high-end ball in bright colors and is fun for all golf players. This ball is ideal for any sporting or golfing event.

2- Krypton One (3 pieces polyurethane)
The prestigious, high-performance ball for advanced and intermediate players. It’s an ideal ball for: First tee gifts, tournaments, prestigious awards.

3- Krypton Sens (2 pieces polyurethane)
The ball is very affordable to satisfy golfers of all levels and introduce everyone to the pleasure of playing a polyurethane ball.

4- Krypton Kr (3 pieces soft-ionomer)
The pearly ball for an extra touch of elegance. The Kr will suit all events and all players.


– Minimum order of 20 Dozen.

– Delivery time is approx 3 weeks from date of placed order.


Krypton offers specific requests for a larger production with packaging on behalf of the company. Contact us for more information and a precise quote at



KR & Colors


From 20 to 39 dozens

 18,55 £

 28.70 £

 30,90 £

From 40 to 99 dozens

16.75 £

25,80 £

 27.80 £

From 100 to 239 dozens

15,44 £

22,95 £

 24,70 £

+  240 dozens

14.70 £

20.10 £

 21.65 £

Price includes a 1 to 2 colors personnalization
Extra charge  1,76 £  per dozen for a 3 to 5 colors personnalization
KR and Colors models black only
Technical fees included
*Prices without taxes

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