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Krypton is an association involved in the golf industry for the past 25 years. Our major technical consultant Sebastien Delagrange, amongst other pros , was playing on the tour for over 15 years. Our factory has developed golf balls for the past 40 years and holds all the patents that offer premium golf balls.

Krypton controls the production line from start to finish and guarantees premium quality products. Through continuous investments in research and development our factory has state of the art equipment to create various optimal designs.

The center of the ball is a molded core. It is a blend of several different ingredients, all of which are chemically reactive to give a rubber type compound. After heat and pressure is applied, a core of about 1.5 inches (3.75 cm) is formed.

Injection molding  is used to form the cover and dimples of the ball using a mold. the core is centered within a mold cavity by pins, and molten thermoplastic is injected into the dimpled cavity surrounding the core. Heat and pressure cause the cover material to flow to join with the center forming the dimpled shape and size of the finished ball.

Rough spots and the seam on the molded cover are removed. Two coats of paint are applied to the ball. Each ball sits on two posts, which spins so that the paint is applied uniformly. Spray guns that are automatically controlled are used to apply the paint. Next, the ball is stamped with the logo. The final step is the application of a clear coat for high sheen and scuff resistance.

After the paint is applied, the balls are loaded into containers and placed in large dryers. After drying, the ball are x-rayed to make sure the centers are perfectly round. Compression ratings are also used to measure compression-molded, wound golf balls.  These balls are measured by a coefficiency rating, which is the ratio of initial speed to return speed after the ball has struck a metal plate. This procedure measures the coefficient of restitution (COR).

The balls are now ready for packaging and then off to shipping containers on their final journey before seeing the golf course.

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